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Review of Timeline 2016

By Victoria's Cottage

Sometimes, you stumble across things that have a real impact on you. Timeline by Ruby Black designs definitely falls into that category. I am a keen diary user, and if you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I have been searching for a life planning system for quite a while, but had not yet found the perfect mix of style, inspiration and layout.  I was thrilled when Ruby Black Designs asked if I would like to review their latest creation and hoped that the pages might bring me closer to my ultimate planner.

I think it’s fair to say that my search is now over.

Timeline is more than a diary, it is not limited to life planning. The understated, yet beautifully designed layout manages to deliver something so much more. From the arrival of the package to the beginnings of making my first entries, Timeline has been beyond impressive.

My package arrived by courier, and was well boxed for it’s journey. I excitedly broke through it’s cardboard exterior to find my planner incredibly well protected with bubble wrap and tissue paper.  Although these aspects may seem a little mundane, it really means a lot to me to be able to track my parcels and to be secure in the knowledge that items will arrive un-damaged from their travels.  However, with practicalities out of the way, the next layer of packaging delivered serious ‘wow factor’ to my first impression. A brown Kraft box was secured with butchers twine and finished with a red wax seal.  It is this kind of attention to detail that always  keeps me returning to small businesses and artisan creators.  The only issue I had, was that I didn’t want to open it. When I did, I had my first glimpse of Timeline encased within a  pale blue tissue paper wrapping, topped off with the sweetest origami heart ‘thank you’.  (Which makes a lovely page marker too).

The planner is finished in a Navy Wilbalin Cloth hardback cover, with gold lettering that exudes luxury and style.  It’s 437 A5 pages are 110gsm paper and are complete with a ribbon marker.  As soon as you pick it up, you can tell that this is a substantial planner that has been designed to last.

As stunning as the packaging and exterior of this planner are, it is the inside that sets it apart from all others. Ruby has created a way of helping you to organise your schedule, run ‘to do’ lists, journal your daily adventures, as well as adding opportunities to inspire, motivate and self reflect.  Think of it as a bag sized life-coach and motivational speaker. I can’t help thinking that by the end of the year, I will also be the proud owner of my very own ‘time capsule’; an annual log of all aspects of my life; be it the routine appointments or the extraordinary ideas, they will be here, for me to revisit at any point.  I think that is something really special.

I was shocked at how many different sections are contained inside and unlike regular diaries, there is not a single section that I wouldn’t use.  I would love to cover each section in depth, but I would like to leave a few sections for you to discover for yourself as I did, when I looked through. For each month you have a ‘month at a glance’ planning sheet and then a detailed multi-purpose page per day schedule.  I love how each day is broken down into a space for scheduling, a to-do list, as well as sections for journaling and highlighting important things.

The additional sections of Timeline are spread throughout it’s pages,  I love this creative structure, it adds an aspect of surprise, never quite knowing what is on the next page and the way the inspirational art is scattered throughout means you might just land on some much needed advice when you are in need. The Christmas preparation pages and the ‘Light-bulb’ moments are particularly lovely, but then, every single page is.

There are so many more sections that I want to share with you, from note pages to a memory log, I know that I will treasure Timeline for years to come.

Every year, I will purchase one as a little gift to myself to help me guide my story in creating a life I love.

Timeline is available from Ruby Black Designs priced at £29.

I can think of so many friends and family who would adore one for Christmas!  You can follow Ruby Black Designs on FacebookInstagram and Twitter too.